Four Tricks My Anxiety-Prone Brain Plays on Me | Psychology Today

I REALLY like this article from, very relatable: Solutions for anxiety-related thinking patterns. Source: Four Tricks My Anxiety-Prone Brain Plays on Me | Psychology Today Samantha Dee's 'My Big Fat...Fat' is out now on Amazon #diet #weightloss #self-help #bodyconfidence #mybigfatfat  

Jingle Bells, Batman Smells, Robin Flew Away..

  Kojak lost his lollipop on the M4 motorway ohhhhh! Ahem, yes, I woke up this morning with that stuck in my head. I hope it's stuck in yours now. It's better than 'Copacabana' for sure (that was last week). This time of year I hide away; the thought of Christmas shopping with all those... Continue Reading →

Interesting Article About Obesity – What do you think?

As a caring physician, it is painful to witness the increasing number of models claiming their substantial weight gain (to the point of overweight and/or obesity) has produced a healthier happier person. In the United States, our rates of cancer, diabetes, cardiac disease and stroke have proven to be associated with unhealthy weight gain. As […]... Continue Reading →

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