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What a inspirational write from Samantha Dee, to say she has hit the nail firmly on the diet fanatics head is a understatement. What this girl has had to endure was tear jerking in parts, and piss funny in others. Altogether a fantastic read whatever your views on weight loss.   'My Big Fat...Fat' is... Continue Reading →

Ali on ‘My Big Fat…Fat’

Hi Sam, I finished your book. It made me cry, twice in fact. I never read, hate it, boring. I'd rather be out 'tinkering' with something. Your book kept me interested what your next move/diet/thing would be, it was class. Can't wait for the next one....x x x Samantha Dee's 'My Big Fat...Fat' is out... Continue Reading →

Dear Samantha,

Dear Samantha, First off, I have to say how much I admire you right now. This is one of the best manuscripts I’ve ever read, and I’m a pretty big literary snob, so I hope you take those kudos to heart and wear the solid gold star (I RARELY award anyone) with pride until the goo... Continue Reading →

Praise for ‘My Big Fat…Fat’

Just finished the book I couldn't put it down! Liked the racy bits, one hell of a ride - but out the other side a beacon of hope for your readers and indeed for your self. Congratulations Sam, an honest and thought provoking view of being overweight, but an inspiration for your readers who think... Continue Reading →

On ‘My Big Fat…Fat’

From Vanessa Gonzales, author of The Light in the Sound -  "I am a HUGE fan of your work. I can't stress that enough. Your message is important, but most importantly the way you write is clean, crisp, concise, fun, spunky, and hence easy and enjoyable to follow. Your edgy sense of humor is a raucous... Continue Reading →

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