On ‘My Big Fat…Fat’

SMALL-MyBigFat...Fat Cover_Take I -front - CopyFrom Vanessa Gonzales, author of The Light in the Sound – 

“I am a HUGE fan of your work. I can’t stress that enough. Your message is important, but most importantly the way you write is clean, crisp, concise, fun, spunky, and hence easy and enjoyable to follow. Your edgy sense of humor is a raucous delight.”

“I think your female readers will adore you, and many men as well. Having a good sense of humor about body image issues is supremely important for self-esteem and personal well being, as you beautifully articulate, but accomplishing that as a writer without it feeling forced is a rare talent. And how talented you are in that regard struck me immediately.

So did lines like this…
‘When you are fat, anything that can make you feel more comfortable equals a little bit more confidence…’

Yes yes yes!! As a female who’s spent years struggling with weight and body-image issues, this makes me want to continue reading because it makes me trust your obviously sincere knowledge of what women endure while struggling with weight loss and self-image. You have these gems sprinkled throughout and it’s something that will help in setting you apart from other authors in the same genre.”

“…reading your work I immediately felt like I’d stumbled upon a kindred spirit.”



MBFF_3-D Cover PromoSamantha Dee’s ‘My Big Fat…Fat’ is out now on Amazon



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