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Want tea in your sugar? – My Week in List Form (Cabin Fever Version)

This is your indication that it’s Friday. You’re welcome,

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1- My two cats are literally sick of the sight of me. That’s not because I am home (I’ve been home a while) but because new things are happening. Cats do not advocate new things. Like the pot of paint brushes that has suddenly appeared. ‘What’s this?’ ~thwack.

2- So now with the luxury of time and fair weather, I’ve been meditating daily. That’s not to say I’ve been sitting on a vegan beanbag burning avocado incense and snorting wheat grass. It just means I put five minutes or so aside every day to have a quiet moment. The nice thing is, I’ve been doing it Live, and a few people seem to like it. 8.30am GMT daily, if you’d like to tune in.

3- Despite all my meditation, sometimes I fall off the wagon. The other day I was in the kitchen while waiting for the kettle to boil, I noticed the sugar caddy was empty. So I whip out the sugar from the cupboard and fill my tea mug to the brim with sugar. Forget fricken multi-tasking, I can barely single-task sometimes.

4- This has been a delightful opportunity to practice my cartoon double-take (a handy talent to have, no?) I check reputable news sources every other day for any new facts. Then I watch a Trump daily briefing. Start slowly though, don’t go straight to Trump for this practice, you may end up with a crick-neck. And be sure to warm up first. On Facebook, maybe.

5- More Facebook Marketplace fun this week. Observe:

Me: Pair of candlesticks £10

FB Person: Are these still available?

Me: Yes they are

FB Person: I’m in Manchester, can I send a courier for them?

Me: That’s 200 miles. You know that would cost you right?

FB Person: Can you courier them?

6- Song stuck in my head this week – The True Blood Theme (Jace Everett) – they’re not all bad you know. It’s great for air-drumming. Try it.

7- Featured image this week courtesy of, who were so bored they managed to curate and publish 85 pictures of wooly calves. Not the human kind, either. Although mine could contend.

8- This is also a time for first isn’t it. This week I mopped my doorstep with disinfectant and wiped down the letterbox and doorknocker with disinfectant. I also cleaned my fridge to within an inch of its life. Domestic Goddess is not something I’ll be remembered for, but one tries.

9- Tea sweetened with maple syrup is a triumph. You’re welcome.

10 – Quote of the Week:

All that we are is the result of what we have thought.


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