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Why That Fricken’ Headache Won’t Go Away

(Managing pain with Sammy Dee)

“Oh, I might have a headache coming. Yep I’ve got a headache. Now it’s getting worse. Jesus its splitting. Now if it gets any worse I’m not going to be able to switch the light on to get ready for work. It won’t go away. Why won’t it go away? Why have I got a headache in the first place? Now I have to run for the bus. That’s made the pain worse. Now I’m going to be late for work. This headache is making me feel sick. Oh god I’ve got that meeting at nine I’m never going to get through that with this pain. The boss will think I’m in a mood, then I’ll get a talking to – and then I’ll get stressed and cry on the way home and and and and then I’ll have to get another job and I’m too old for this and I’ll never work again and I’ll lose my house and be on the street and my cat will die and I will get run over by a bus.”

How many times have we all had days like that? Where we’re in some kind of pain, working through a cold, have a back ache. We know it’s going to make our day exponentially difficult. In fact, we outright convince ourselves of that fact before we even leave the house.

There are two things at work here. One, you’re catastrophizing. You’ve already convinced yourself that your day is going to suck more than the last sucky thing on planet suck. Two, you’re focusing on the pain. Way, way too much.

Well, you are not alone!

‘A New Dawn’ by Samantha Dee | Thirty Days of Wellness | Online Course | Udemy | Health & Wellness

In terms of headaches, While most sufferers experience attacks once or twice a month, more than 4 million people have chronic daily migraine, with at least 15 migraine days per month. More than 90% of sufferers are unable to work or function normally during their migraine –migraineresearchfoundation.org

Pain Management

Often referred to in the context of those who suffer from long-term, chronic pain, it is a programme of care to help alleviate these circumstances. Often run by a Doctor, Pain Clinic or other Medical Practitioner, the programme can include support groups, pain medication, and complimentary medicing or techniques.

But, how about applying it to short term pain? Given the monologue above, what if I told you that it’s possible to reduce that whole inner-dialogue to just five words.

But, wait.. what?

I can teach you a pain management technique that can help. I can teach you to just say ‘Yep, I have a <insert pain here> and move on.

You’re not focusing on the pain. You’re not catastrophizing your day. How about that? I can teach you to reprogram your brain to stop at five words. I have a headache. Maybe even three, ‘I have pain’. Way better than talking it up into a miserable hurricane of pain and anxiety, right?

That’s not all I can help you practice:

‘A New Dawn’ Thirty Days of Wellness by Sammy Dee

Stop resisting the woo, release your inner woo. Woo knows you want it. This beautiful Udemy course encourages you to make the changes that you need to make, or renew the things you used to do but gradually forgot and got lazy about. 

The course has several sections, one that talks about pain management, and how you can improve it. It’s a pretty course, in my kind of way, and its special because it doesn’t drive anything ‘down your throat’ – but rather gives you an ‘absolute beginners introduction’ to wellness practices and says ‘Hey, just try it for thirty days.’

It’s not just a course:

What makes this course unique, is that, as with all her courses, Sammy Dee has made a vast array of matching accessories to go with curriculum:

  • A free Trello template
  • Several free printable downloads
  • A beautiful 30-day workbook
  • Several curated YouTube playlists

– just everything you might need to win at wellness!

In terms of the latest ‘trending’ word, ‘wellness’ has really had the last ounce of shit kicked out of it hasn’t it. It’s a tired old thing being kicked to the kerb and the next internet buzzword has already happened (p.s. it’s ‘MANIFEST’ -with a scattering of curse words).

This doesn’t make your health any less important. Buzzwords aside, you’ve got to sleep well, you’ve got to feel okay about yourself, and you’ve got to be decent at Adulting. if you’ve ever gone to work on three hours sleep you’ll know what I’m getting at!

The Online Course for Wellness

‘A New Dawn’ will give you a beginners introduction to:

  • Journaling for Wellness
  • The importance of having a daily routine
  • Sleep Hygiene
  • The different types of meditative states
  • Why the affirmation videos on YouTube are crap
  • Why visualizations work (the human brain is stupid)
  • Why meditation works (and why it’s not all incense and beanbags)
  • Pain Management (and how to calm the ‘oh shit it hurts’ brain)
  • Ho’oponopono (forgive yourself and free up more brain space)

You choose what you want to try for thirty days, then use the freebies to help you along the way.

Sign Me Up!

Well honey, you have to do that.

Picture of Samantha Dee

Samantha is a well-liked Life Coach, specializing in self-esteem and body image with qualifications in Mindfulness, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and Skilled Helping. She speaks on several panels around the internet in this regard.

Samantha Dee is the Author of ‘My Big Fat…Fat’ and ‘The Thirty Day Wellness Journal’. Her next book, ‘My Big Fat…Kitchen’ is due out soon.

Chat with Sam here.

    positive review  Samantha is an incredible genuine, passionate person who has help me get clarity as to the next steps towards my goals. Samantha gave me space to talk through what was important, urgent and doable which has helped me formulate a personal short term plan.I would recommend Samantha to anyone who is struggling to get from where they are now to where they want to b in life.

    Susan Hollick Avatar Susan Hollick
    12th November 2018

    positive review  Samantha Dee really helped me clarify what was holding me back from doing my daily practice. Since we talked, I didn't stop and my practice became my daily routine. Samantha is very supportive and have great listening skills.

    TaoTibetan Andrea Avatar TaoTibetan Andrea
    26th November 2018

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