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See the cat, Be the cat. Why visualizations actually work.

(Extra points if you can name the movie)

Do you set out to achieve goals and then get distracted or forget about them altogether? Do you recall previous goals and wonder why they never happened? Can you just not seem to stay motivated?

It sucks doesn’t it. You can’t seem to put your finger on it. You start out all fired-up and raring to go, then somewhere along the line it gets too hard or feel like it’s too big a thing to do. ‘I’ll never learn this’, ‘I’ll never lose weight’, ‘I’ll never have a house by the sea’

What if I told you that you can program your brain to achieve that thing. What if I told you that if you can imagine it, it will happen? What if I told you that people in lab coats with massive degrees on the wall would agree?

Well gorgeous, that’s EXACTLY what I’m saying.

It’s all true!

‘A New Dawn’ by Samantha Dee | Thirty Days of Wellness | Online Course | Udemy | Health & Wellness

“Several studies have shown that the brain doesn’t differentiate between a real memory and an imagined (visualized) one.
This means that when you imagine something vividly and with emotion, your brain chemistry changes as though the experience was real, and your mind records it as a real memory.” –Emilie Pelletier

Recommended Reading (or Listening!)

Of course, there are ‘buts’

Visualizing yourself as a 6ft blonde will not make it so if you’re a 5ft brunette (who is EQUALLY as awesome, by the way). The goal must of course, be achievable. Learning how to create real achievable goals is possible to, by way of examination, some brain dumping and mind maps etc. (Ahem, that course is here)

But once you have that, using visualizations daily can help you feel attached to that goal, can help you see the Google Map directions to get there. This in turn will encourage you to ACT TODAY towards the goal you want to achieve.

There’s something about clarity of vision that makes motivation a moot point.

With daily visualizations, you won’t ever have to rely on that pesky ‘motivation’ which is never there when you need it. Your goal will just become your life map. Every day you will act on a task towards that goal as if it’s just a thing you do – and not this massive un-achievable monster that you’re psyching yourself up to go after.

That’s not all I can help you practice:

‘A New Dawn’ Thirty Days of Wellness by Sammy Dee

Stop resisting the woo, release your inner woo. Woo knows you want it. This beautiful Udemy course (if I may say so myself!) encourages you to make the changes that you need to make, or renew the things you used to do but gradually forgot and got lazy about. 

The course has several sections, one that talks about sleep hygiene, and how you can improve it. It’s a pretty course, in my kind of way, and its special because it doesn’t drive anything ‘down your throat’ – but rather gives you an ‘absolute beginners introduction’ to wellness practices and says ‘Hey, just try it for thirty days.’

It’s not just a course:

What makes this course unique, is that, as with all her courses, Sammy Dee has made a vast array of matching accessories to go with curriculum:

  • A free Trello template
  • Several free printable downloads
  • A beautiful 30-day workbook
  • Several curated YouTube playlists

– just everything you might need to win at wellness!

In terms of the latest ‘trending’ word, ‘wellness’ has really had the last ounce of shit kicked out of it hasn’t it. It’s a tired old thing being kicked to the kerb and the next internet buzzword has already happened (p.s. it’s ‘MANIFEST’ with a scattering of curse words).

This doesn’t make your health any less important. Buzzwords aside, you’ve got to sleep well, you’ve got to feel okay about yourself, and you’ve got to be decent at Adulting. If you’ve ever gone to work on three hours sleep you’ll know what I’m getting at!

The Online Course for Wellness

A New Dawn’ will give you a beginners introduction to:

  • Journaling for Wellness
  • The importance of having a daily routine
  • Sleep Hygiene
  • The different types of meditative states
  • Why the affirmation videos on YouTube are crap
  • Why visualizations work (the human brain is stupid)
  • Why meditation works (and why it’s not all incense and beanbags)
  • Pain Management (and how to calm the ‘oh shit it hurts’ brain)
  • Ho’oponopono (forgive yourself and free up more brain space)

You choose what you want to try for thirty days, then use the freebies to help you along the way.

Sign Me Up!

Well gorgeous, you have to do that.

Picture of Samantha Dee

Samantha is a well-liked Life Coach, specializing in self-esteem and body image with qualifications in Mindfulness, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and Skilled Helping. She speaks on several panels around the internet in this regard.

Samantha Dee is the Author of ‘My Big Fat…Fat’ and ‘The Thirty Day Wellness Journal’. Her next book, ‘My Big Fat…Kitchen’ is due out soon.

Chat with Sam here.

    positive review  Feeling really grateful for having had such a great breakthrough session with Samantha last night. My expectations going in were far surpassed. I hadn't expected a breakthrough (despite the name of the session) yet Samantha got me there with some really important questions I hadn't thought to ask myself and by relating to my current fear of taking a leap of faith and commit to my new career choice. The best thing about the session was the practical suggestions to help me take action. Not only did we identify the problem but I came away motivated, inspired and with a next action. Pretty good for an hour right? Thank you so much Samantha.

    Pamela Casey Avatar Pamela Casey
    13th November 2018

    positive review  Samantha is an incredible genuine, passionate person who has help me get clarity as to the next steps towards my goals. Samantha gave me space to talk through what was important, urgent and doable which has helped me formulate a personal short term plan.I would recommend Samantha to anyone who is struggling to get from where they are now to where they want to b in life.

    Susan Hollick Avatar Susan Hollick
    12th November 2018

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