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Writer's Block Wednesday - Seshat, the Ancient Goddess of Writing.
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I have two books on the go. Depending on my mood and inspiration, I’ll do a couple thousand words on either one, daily. But as all writers and authors know, some days the fingers won’t type or the pen never makes contact. I tried to do some research on writers block a while ago and didn’t find an awful lot. So ya know, thought I’d write something on it. Any advice on writing is great, right?

Writers Block: Music while Writing?

I was thinking the other day, I’ve never really been a ‘music in the background’ kind of gal while I’m writing. That said, I tried it out while writing my last book and ‘Feel it Still’ by Portugal the Man inspired me to write like a hurricane!

Nor do I remember getting hit with writers block while I had music on in the background. What do you think? Could it be that listening to music while writing keeps writers block at bay?

So, off I went to the interweb to find out whether there are any articles on writers and authors who listen to music while writing. And who knew, The Mirror had an article on just that, describing a Psychologist who created an Amazon Unlimited playlist called “Music to Write to”.

Other leading writers and authors claim that certain music ‘gets them in the zone’ and helps them to concentrate while they are writing. One even created a playlist of music referred to in his book so that readers could listen to a soundtrack while reading the novel. What a spiffing idea!

According to the Psychologist in the article, there has to be a certain beats-per-minute to optimize concentration. The article claims that it helps writers and authors to remain ‘in the present’ and are not thinking about the bills we have to pay tomorrow or the sleep we didn’t get the night before. Ah, the old Mindfulness; gets everywhere doesn’t it?

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For me, I tend to err on the side of no music but it really depends on my mood. I sound like a freak but I like the sound of my laptop keys. I’m also a Certified Master Mindfulness Practitioner, so I guess I’m an expert.

More on Music While Writing

It’s easy to spend half an hour supporting writers and authors, giving advice on writing, and sharing the lurve. Also, writers need hugs too – so even if you drop by on occasion and say ‘Hi’ – any small gesture to show thought uplifts the spirits (there I go, hippie hugging again!). And who knows? After all that you might have expelled the blank spell that sent you on your travels in the first place.

Next week – Advice on Writing – Writers Block Communities

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