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Advice on Writing – Welcome to Writers Block Wednesday!

Writer's Block Wednesday - Seshat, the Ancient Goddess of Writing.
“…solutions for Light, Medium and #HeadDesk Levels of Writers Block,”

It’s okay, come on, get your head off your desk – we can do this!

I have two books on the go. Depending on my mood and inspiration, I’ll do a couple thousand words on either one, daily. But as all writers and authors know, some days the fingers won’t type or the pen never makes contact. I tried to do some research on writers block a while ago and didn’t find an awful lot. So ya know, thought I’d write something on it. Any advice on writing is great, right?

Supporting Writers

Okay! so the next time writer’s block hits you – how about moseying on over to other indie authors and supporting them? They may be looking for inspiration or advice on writing. There are plenty of ways to support your fellow artists without spending a dime.

Writer's Block Wednesday - Supporting Writers Advice on Writing
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For me, when writer’s block hits, I try and put by half an hour a week to visit followers of this blog and see what they’re up to. Many of them I consider ‘i-friends’ – including the clever and witty Lockwood Echo, and Tom Being Tom. Find blogs and writers who you truly enjoy reading, and mosey around some new ones. Find sites which give advice on writing. I recently found a super blog called Five Arrow Farm – who has a blog about essential oil products. Okay, not a writer by profession, but I always like to support small home businesses. This one does adorable videos about making your own products.

More on Supporting Writers and Authors

  • Like, Comment and Re-Share their blog posts
  • Engage in conversation with other writers – they may be looking for inspiration or advice on writing.
  • Link to their site or blog – Googles oh-too-clever algorithm now checks the site’s authority to rank it – the more it’s linked externally, the higher it will rank. It all means more book exposure.
  • Like their Facebook Page if they have one. Here’s mine.
  • Like their Facebook Page posts. Facebook also has an algorithm for Business Pages – the more it’s viewed and liked – the more it will be put in front of people.
  • If you’ve already read their book – review it on sites like Amazon and Goodreads. It all counts.
  • Like and Re-Tweet their twitter posts as often as possible.
  • Consider other sites like iAuthor – quite a nifty concept where you up-vote the appeal of book covers and blurb.

It’s easy to spend half an hour supporting writers, giving advice on writing, and sharing the lurve. Also, writers need hugs too – so even if you drop by on occasion and say ‘Hi’ – any small gesture to show thought uplifts the spirits (there I go, hippie hugging again!). And who knows? After all that you might have expelled the blank spell that sent you on your travels in the first place.†

Next week – Advice on Writing – Writer’s Block Communities

Write only what you would like to read.

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